2-Days Meals # 3

2-Days Meals # 3

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What's in This Package?
2 Days' Worth of Meals for 1 Person; 1 Day's Worth of Meals for 2 People. 
2 Entrees: 48oz (6 servings)
2 Sides: 16oz (4 servings) 
2 Desserts: 4oz (2 servings)
Bonus Soup: 15oz

Total Net Weight: 83oz


Entree 1: Spring Rolls   
Lemon-infused avocado, kale, cucumber, grilled tofu, cilantro and Thai basil; served with spicy peanut butter sauce.

Entree 2: Tamarind Tofu  
Pan fried Tofu, fresh ginger, minced garlic, fresh Thai chilies, seasonal veggies, peas, stir fried with house-made tamarind sauce.

The soy protein in tofu is complete protein and provides all the amino acids you must obtain from your diet.  Soy protein may be responsible for curbing the risk of heart disease through the reduction of low-density lipoprotein, or bad, cholesterol.  FDA acknowledges that at least 25 g of soy protein per day may have beneficial heart.

Side 1: Sweet Potato Biscuits

Side 2: Brown Rice 

Dessert1: Orange Juice Fused Almond Muffins

Dessert 2: Fruits Kanten

Bonus Soup: Moroccan Lentil and Rice


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