Shipping & Delivery

Where do you deliver?

We deliver orders to your home or your office throughout the continental United States. Local orders in the Bay Area are delivered by Van. Orders outside the Bay Area are delivered by FedEx.

Can I use P.O. Box as shipping address?
No, we do not deliver to P.O. Boxes.

What are the delivery charges?
Delivery charges are calculated based on your geographic location and the total weight of your order. We offer free delivery for consumers residing in list states. For consumers residing outside these states, FedEx automatically calculates shipping charges during the ordering process, and you will be able to review them before checking out.

Free delivery to the following states: AZ, CA, ID, NV, OR, UT, WA

How are the meals sent out?

All Nirvana Kitchen meals are fresh, so we package and seal meals in special containers and place them in an insulated box or cooler bag. Orders in the Bay Area are delivered by van, and orders from outside the Bay Area are delivered via FedEx.

How will I know my delivery is on the way?
After placing your order, you will receive an automated email with a tracking number. In the event that you do not receive the tracking information, please notify us immediately. FedEx does not call to notify you of delivery.

What happens when the package arrives at my door, but I am not home to receive it?
FedEx will only make one delivery attempt and leave the package at your door with a FedEx delivery record that confirms proof of delivery.  Meals are packaged in an insulated box and will be safe for you to eat when you arrive home, but it is best to place meals in the refrigerator as soon as you arrive home to maintain optimum freshness.  Since meals are perishable, we strongly advise you to arrange for someone to refrigerate them upon delivery if you will not be able to pick up your package before the end of the day.

How long can I keep the meals in the shipping package?
You should remove your meals from their boxes on the day they are delivered and place them in the refrigerator.

What do I do with the empty box and ice packs?
Nirvana Kitchen has a green packaging rewards program called Green Earth, Healthy You.  By sending five insulation liners and ice packs back to us using prepaid shipping labels, you will receive a $25 coupon for your next order.  If you choose not to participate in our Green Earth, Healthy You program, we recommend recycling your shipping boxes and liners, and reusing ice packs or disposing of them in the trash. 

To participate in our Green Earth, Healthy You program, simply email us at with your name, address and telephone number.  We will email you a prepaid shipping label, and after we receive the liners and ice packs, we’ll send you a $5 coupon redeemable for future purchases.

What if there is a problem/error with a meal that has been delivered?
If you have any concerns about the meals that you have received, please contact Nirvana Kitchen Customer Service at -1800…

Does Nirvana Kitchen ship on holidays?
Unfortunately, Nirvana Kitchen does not ship during some holiday weeks due to steep increases in shipping rates.  All meal plans are automatically suspended during the following blackout weeks in 2014: May 26, June 30, September 1, November 24 and December 22.  If you are on a meal plan and don’t want to skip a week, simply request that you be shipped two weeks’ worth of meals by the Tuesday before the blackout date.  Otherwise, your shipment will automatically be shipped on Tuesday following the blackout date.